2021 Virtual Land-Atmosphere Interactions workshop

The Land-Atmosphere Interaction group participated in a virtual workshop that brought together ecoystem scientistis, hydrologists, and atmospheric scientists to discuss emerging research questions at the intersection between ecosystems and atmosphere. The invited talks were pre-recorded and are available to view on the AmeriFlux YouTube channel. Happy watching!

Fully-funded MSc/PhD opportunities

Are you interested in climate change research? Do you want to combine field work, modelling, and remote sensing to better understand how land-atmosphere interactions will contribute to heatwaves and droughts? My group has received funding through the Natural Sciences and Engineering Council of Canada (NSERC) to support an ambitious research program on land-atmosphere interactions in a changing climate. Please contact me for more information (manuel.helbig at dal.ca).

Opportunities in the land-atmosphere interaction group

My research program focuses on land-atmosphere interactions and on boundary layer dynamics. In my work, I combine eddy covariance flux measurements, atmospheric boundary layer and remote sensing observations to investigate how the land surface interacts with the atmosphere. I am actively looking for students and postdocs that are interested in joining my lab. Please feel free to contact me (manuel.helbig at dal.ca) to talk about potential opportunities! Come to Halifax where the beach is never far away!