Our People

Manuel Helbig

Manuel is an assistant professor in atmospheric science. His research focusses on land-atmosphere interactions. He is originally from Germany where he completed his Bachelor of Science (University of Freiburg) and his Master of Science (University of Hamburg). He moved to Canada in 2013 to pursue doctoral studies at Universite de Montreal, where he graduated in 2017.

Sajjan Heerah

Sajjan is a graduate student working on measuring the effect of hydroelectric development on the natural boreal carbon cycle using a network of eddy flux towers measuring carbon dioxide and methane emissions in Northern Quebec's La Romaine watershed. After completing his undergraduate degree in physics at the University of Toronto, he worked for three years at Los Alamos National Lab. Before joining the lab, he worked on projects to quantify urban and agricultural greenhouse gas emissions using remote sensing and in-situ field measurements, transport modelling, and emission inventory development. 

Vincent Graveline

Vincent is a graduate student at Universite de Montreal and is co-supervised by Manuel. He is interested in the biophysical climate impact of treeline shifts at the boreal-arctic intersection.

Deklan Mengering

Deklan is a graduate student studying atmospheric boundary layer temperature, humidity, and growth dynamics in a mixed forest ecosystem. His project focuses on the Acadian research forest outside of Fredericton New Brunswick. Before joining the lab, he worked in Northern British Columbia with the Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development on a project that used remote sensing techniques to monitor annual variability in a limestone lake. He completed his undergraduate degree in Ocean Science and Physics at Dalhousie in 2021. 

Jilly Ryan

Jilly is a 4th year CO-OP Physics student from the University of Waterloo. Her current project investigates the correlation between soil CO2 emissions using EoSense Forced Diffusion Soil Efflux Sensors and ecosystem respiration using the eddy covariance technique. Previously, she developed undergraduate lab experiments at UWaterloo and worked with camera systems for stellar monitoring at Western University. Moving forward, she intends to dedicate herself to exploring opportunities in climate science, sustainability, and environmental policy


Colleen Gosse, MASc Civil Engineering: Colleen studied the potential of low-cost methane sensors for environmental monitoring and graduated in 2022. She is a Research and Development Engineer at Eosense Inc. 

Lukas Rudaitis, BSc Physics: Lukas joined the lab as a summer research student in 2022 working on setting up our land-atmosphere observatory in New Brunswick.

Lidia  Benítez-Valenzuela, MSc Environmental Science: Lidia visited the lab in the fall 2022 working on integrating atmospheric boundary layer observations with land-atmosphere energy fluxes.

Lilly Daw, BSc Physics: Lilly joined the lab as a summer research student in 2021 working on forest surface temperature dynamics in boreal forests.