Laser System


Our research group has two ultrafast quantum control laboratories that house a variety of ultrafast spectroscopy setups, including time-resolved Kerr (or Faraday) rotation, differential reflection/transmission pump probe, four-wave mixing spectroscopy, actively-stabilized coherent control, micro-photoluminescence in the 1.1-1.6 micron spectral region, and nonlinear dispersion compensation and pulse engineering capabilities. We are equipped with pico/femto OPO laser sources and a 60 fs OPA laser source, a split-coil 7 Tesla superconducting magnet, and a microscopy cryostat with low-temperature nanopositioning capability.

Our students acquire highly-specialized knowledge in semiconductor theory and nonlinear optics and gain experience with a wide range of cutting-edge optical spectroscopy techniques. These skills are valuable in a number of rapidly advancing high technology areas, including spintronics, photonics, semiconductor device technology, quantum information and cryptography.