Kimberley Hall

Research Interests

  • Charge and spin dynamics in perovskite photovolatic materials
  • Electron spin relaxation in III-V semiconductors
  • Many-body phenomena in semiconductor materials
  • Solid state quantum information using semiconductor quantum dots
  • Ultrafast dynamics and quantum control in semiconductors
  • Photophysical properties of diluted magnetic semiconductors
  • Photonic and spintronics devices


7 August, 2017 :: Ajan Ramachandran gives presentation on Adiabatic Rapid Passage in Multiple Quantum Dots at the Gordon Research Conference on Quantum Control in Holyoke, MA.
20 June, 2017 :: Samuel March gives presentation on Interband dephasing times and exciton binding energies in perovskite at OP 2017 in Quebec City
19 June, 2017 :: Daniel Webber gives presentation on carrier transport in CH3NH3PbI3 at OP 2017 in Quebec City
13 June, 2017 :: Carrier Diffusion in Thin-Film CH3NH3PbI3 Perovskite Measured using Four-Wave Mixing paper posted on the arXiv
24 May, 2017 :: Paper reporting long interband dephasing times and weak many-body interactions in Perovskite published in ACS Photonics
23 February, 2017 :: Four-wave mixing study of perovskite photovoltaic material published in SPIE
16 December, 2016 :: Press coverage of Exciton in perovsktie paper in Researchers study promixing solar cell materials with laser focus
15 December, 2016 :: Observation of Free and defect-bound exciton paper published in Nature Scientific Reports
31 October, 2016 :: Two-dimensional coherent spectroscopy study of exciton-continumm coupling in GaAs published in PRB
17 August 17, 2016 :: Study of strain split excitons and biexcitons in GaAs using MDCS published in PRB
7 March, 2016 :: Tailoring the ultrafast control of QD excitons paper published in Physica Status Solidi C