Research  Openings

Future Prospects

Before we discuss prospects for research in this field, let’s look at the prospects for employment when research ends and you have to “get a real job”.  People who work with me generally gain a variety of physics-related skills which translate well into employment, either continuing in the field, or in other fields.  Thus besides people in aerospace industries, academia, research institutions and the like, people have gone on to start their own companies or work in the financial field, etc.  Generally although multiple offers are not common, employment prospects in the same or a related field are quite good.


There are a number of ways In which undergraduates can become involved in research:  Through summer student placements (especially the NSERC summer student scheme), through Honours thesis work and sometimes through part-time work in and out of term.  Students typically work with our group on specific projects such as data analysis, laboratory or field experiments.  These are an excellent way to get to know some of the research that we are involved with.  Specific opportunities vary over time.  If you are interested, please contact me.

Graduate Students

Graduate students work towards either and M.Sc. Or a Ph.D. degree in the Department of Physics.  An undergraduate degree in a physical science is a pre-requisite and it is necessary to meet the entrance requirements of the Department of Physics and Atmospheric Science.  Graduate students develop their own research within the group on a topic which should preferably encompass he breadth of our research program, e.g. modifying an instrument, taking data with it and interpreting the results in terms of the science.  We place a premium on students who are self-starters and are keen on developing a mixture of skills.




Post-Doctoral and Research Associates

PDFs and RAs work on research projects in association with the group.  They are expected to contribute their own mix of skills whilst acquiring new ones.  New research insights and publication are expected within the scope of our funded projects.







There are no open positions being advertised at this time.