That’s me at the Eureka weather station 80N, 86W and –50C!

The “spheres” that you can see are caused by the camera flash backscattering off of tiny ice particles in the air.

Prof. James R. Drummond


Welcome to my web-site at Dalhousie University.  Here you will find details of my research and teaching activities as well as some links to things that I think might be relevant.

My research is in the area of remote sensing of atmospheres - currently only planet Earth, but we have ambitions to go elsewhere.

I believe that this research is important, not only for the scientific insight that it brings, but also for the importance of the environment to our well-being, perhaps even our survival as an advanced society.

Our Earth-based research in the spans three major themes:

-  Changes in the ozone layer

-  Air quality

-  Climate Change

Canada Research Chair in Remote Sounding of Atmospheres