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Scott C. Chapman

Professor in Astrophysics

B.Sc., Ph.D. (UBC)

E-mail: scott.chapman@dal.ca
Phone: (902) 494-2340
Fax: (902) 494-5191

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Tim Miller receives Killam and NSERC graduate awards - congratulations Tim!
Kaja Rotermund receives NSERC PhD award - congratulations Kaja!
Kevin Lacaille receives NSInnovation MSc award - congratulations Kevin!
Caitlin Casey offered a faculty position at Texas Austin.
Michelle Collins awarded Hubble Fellowship, and faculty position at Surrey, UK!

ALMA rewrites history of Universe's stellar baby boom (Nature 2013)
News and Views
Dal Media Spotlight; Report from ESO; UK coverage of ALMA

Discovery of a vast, thin plane of corotating dwarf galaxies orbiting M31 (Nature 2013)
News and Views
Report in Science Daily; Report in Space.com


Submillimetre-wave instrumentation,
Adaptive Optics instrumentation,
Distant Submm Galaxies and ULIRGs,
Gravitational Lenses,
Local Group Archaeology,


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