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This wiki was created for use by the Atmospheric Composition Analysis Group led by Randall Martin at Dalhousie University.

This wiki is viewable by anyone but can only be edited if you log in. If you would like to get a wiki account, ask Jun (or anyone nearby) and they will set you up. If you'd like to read up on how to use the wiki, the User's Guide is a great starting point. MediaWiki FAQcontains some similar information.

Pages in this Wiki

Info for New Group Members - Lots of important information for people joining the group.
Guide to Setting Up - For any trouble you might have as a new group member.
Stetson Cluster - Server of our group
Graham Cluster - Server of Graham
Glooscap Cluster - Server of ACEnet group
Atlas Cluster - Server of Kyriakidis group
Group Webpage - Editing the group webpage
Globus - Data transfer
Linux - Getting started in Linux operating system
Git - Version Control (like saving your work, but better)
Matlab - Data Analysis
IDL - Data Analysis
Fortran - Scientific Computation
GEOS-Chem - Global 3-D chemical transport model
GEOS-Chem Input Data - Dalhousie archive
GEOS-Chem Adjoint - Inverse model to the GEOS-Chem
RRTMG Radiative Transfer Module - for help using RRTMG on Stetson.
AMF Code - Air Mass Factor calculation
Air Quality Data - Shared information. Please include yours!
Useful Code - Some code modules and examples that may be useful for analysis
Useful Links