Calendar for 2017-2018

Jan 11, 2017, Speaker: Will Perrie

Mar 17, 2017 (Friday), 2:30 PM, Dunn Bld, Room 302, Speaker: Jeroen Oomen, Ludwig Maximilian’s Universität and Harvard University Title: Climate engineering: a last straw to clutch, a pandora box, or both?

April 12, 2017, Speaker:Mark Shephard Title:New Satellite Observations of Ammonia

Oct 30, 2017 (Monday), 1:30 PM, Dunn Bld, Room 101, Speaker: Timothy Myers, Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, University of California, Los Angeles Title: Importance of Positive Low Cloud Feedback For Variations in Climate

Nov 16, 2017 (Monday), 2:30 PM, Dunn Bld, Room 101, Speaker: Hansi Singh, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, US DOE Office of Science Title: Arctic-Antarctic Parity in High-latitude Climate Sensitivity: the Aerial Hydrologic Cycle, Ocean Dynamics, and Meridional Energy Transports