Calendar for 2015-2016

June 8, 2015 (Monday), 2:30 PM, Dunn Bld, Room 101, Speaker: Yinon Rudich, Weizmann Institute of Science, Title: On the Health and Biogeochemical Effects of Fungal Spores and Marine Viruses

June 9, 2015 (Tuesday), 11:30 AM, LSC 242, Speaker: Will Perrie, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Title: All-weather remote sensing of ocean surface processes: waves, winds, oil, and ice with RADARSAT-2 synthetic aperture radar

Aug 13 , 2015 (Thursday), 10:00 AM, Dunn Bld, Room 101, Speaker: George Isaac, Weather Impacts Consulting Inc, Consultant to Amec Foster Wheeler, Title: Fog on the Grand Banks

Aug 19, 2015 (Wednesday), 10:00 AM, Dunn Bld, Room 130, Speaker: Paul Villeneuve, Carleton University, Title: Urban green spaces and health

Aug 24, 2015 (Monday), 11:00 AM, Dunn Bld, Room 101, Speaker: Kees de Hoogh & Danielle Vienneau, Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, Title: Air pollution and Health-an impression from the multicentre European ESCAPE study

Oct 30, 2015, Speaker: Alexei Lyapustin, NASA Goddard, Title: High Resolution MAIAC Aerosol Product and Air Quality Applications

Nov 6, 2015, Speaker: David Risk, Flux Lab in St. Francis Xavier University, Title: Mapping gas leaks from the Canadian energy sector

Nov 20, 2015, Speaker: Andreas Zuend, McGill University, Title: Exploring the role of phases and phase transitions in atmospheric aerosols

Dec 3, (Thursday), Dunn Bld, Room 304, Speaker: Arthur Chan, University of Toronto, Title: Understanding the sources, processes and properties of secondary organic aerosol (SOA)