Group Members

Randall Martin
Arthur B. McDonald Chair of
Research Excellence
Personal Website
I am motivated by concerns for our environment. My group applies numerical models and a range of measurements to provide quantitative information about how natural and anthropogenic processes affect the atmosphere and, in turn, human health.

Brian Boys
Doctoral Student
Continuous global monitoring of ground-level particulate matter less than 2.5 μ in diameter (PM 2.5) is important for two reasons. One, it contributes to our understanding of aerosol changes as human activity and land use evolve globally. Two, it guides environmental policy as related to air quality; PM 2.5 can adversely affect health and contribute to morbidity and mortality. I’m using a global chemical transport model (GEOS-Chem) to estimate ground-level PM 2.5 from satellite-observed ‘column’ aerosol loading.

Liam Bindle
Master of Science Student

Paul Bissonnette
Master of Science Student

Matt Cooper
Postdoctoral Fellow
Personal Website
My research focuses on observing NO2 concentrations from space. Recent projects have included investigations on how surface snow cover affects satellite NO2 retrievals, how profile shape assumptions affect comparisons between satellites and models, and how recent observations from the TROPOMI satellite can improve estimates of ground-level NO2 concentrations.

Betty Croft
Research Associate
(co-supervised with Jeff Pierce)
My research investigates the effects of clouds and precipitation on aerosols, specifically wet scavenging (the process by which aerosol particles adhere to water droplets) and cloud processing. This work contributes towards improved representations of these processes in global air quality and climate models.

Melanie Hammer
Postdoctoral Fellow
I use a combination of information from satellites, simulation, and ground monitors to estimate global surface concentrations of fine particulate matter. This work provides valuable fine particulate matter exposure information to be used in health impact studies, particularly in regions with low monitor density.

Deanna Kerry
Master of Science Student

Colin Lee
Doctoral Student
Currently, I’m using the GEOS-Chem Adjoint to examine how local pollutant emissions affect global mortality from exposure to fine particulate matter.

Yanshun Li
Doctoral Student

Erin McDuffie
Postdoctoral Fellow
Personal Website
I use GEOS-Chem to investigate global sensitivities of PM2.5 mass and composition to policy-relevant changes in anthropogenic emission sources. I hold a joint appointment in the Energy, Environmental & Chemical Engineering Department at Washington University in St. Louis.

Jacob McNeill
Master of Science Student
My work focuses on using analytical chemistry techniques like XRF to determine composition of PM2.5 sampled from various regions in the SPARTAN project.

Jun Meng
Doctoral Student
Member of GEOS-Chem Support Team
I use GEOS-Chem to study the sectoral contribution of anthropogenic emissions to regional and global PM2.5 and its health impacts. Current projects include estimating historical (1980 – 2016) PM2.5 over North America and source contributions to PM2.5 for Canada.

Inderjeet Singh
Doctoral Student

Emily Stone
Co-op student
I analyze filters collected as part of the SPARTAN project to understand fine particulate matter concentration and composition around the world.

Aaron van Donkelaar
Research Associate
My research combines satellite retrievals with chemical transport model simulations to estimate fine aerosol concentrations around the world. This work is being used to provide valuable insight into exposure-related health effects in regions where these concentrations are not monitored directly, which include some of the most heavily populated and polluted places on earth.

Brenna Walsh
SPARTAN project coordinator

Crystal Weagle
Postdoctoral Fellow
I am helping to develop the Surface PARTiculate matter Network (SPARTAN). This network will create a global network of ground-level PM2.5 monitors in highly populated areas. Currently, I am investigating the statistical relationships between daily PM2.5 measurements and hourly particle light scattering measurements. I am also looking at different sampling methodologies used by various networks that presently measure PM2.5 concentrations.

Junwei Xu
Postdoctoral Fellow
Personal Website
Currently, I’m using GOCI satellite retrievals and GEOS-Chem simulations with most recent Asian emissions to estimate ground-level PM2.5 concentrations in Asian countries. Ground station data is also used to validate the method. This work is expected to help monitor particulate matter in Asian countries where ground stations are relatively sparse yet air pollution is serious.

Balagopal Pillai
Systems Administrator

Previous Members

Chi Li
PhD student, 2014-2018
Currently postdoctoral fellow at Berkeley

Graydon Snider
Research Associate, 2012-2016

Jessica Morena
Master of Science Student, 2014-2016
Currently Multidisciplinary Hydrographer, Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

Jeff Geddes
Postdoctoral Fellow, 2013-2016
Currently Assistant Professor at Boston University

Sajeev Philip
PhD Student & Postdoctoral Fellow, 2009-2016
Currently Postdoctoral Fellow at NASA AMES

Nat Egan-Pimblett
Master of Science Student, 2012-2014

Andrew Morrow
Master of Science Student, 2012-2014

Megan Willis
Visiting student from University of Toronto, 2014

Sacha Ruzzante
Summer student, 2014

Shailesh Kharol
Postdoctoral Fellow
Currently Visiting Scientist at Environment Canada

Meng Li
Visiting Doctoral Student from Tsinghua University, 2014

Daniel Cunningham
Coop student, 2014

Matthew Zwicker
Coop student, 2013

Akhila Padmanabhan
Master of Science Student, 2009-2013
Currently Junior Scientist/Engineer at RWDI-AIR

Sara Torbatian
Master of Science Student, 2010-2013

Geert Vinken
Visiting Researcher from the University of Eindhoven, 2013

Kacie Conrad
Summer Undergraduate Student, 2013

Caroline Nowlan
Research Associate, 2012-2013
Currently Physicist at Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

Guannan Geng
Visiting Student, 2012 – 2013
Currently Postdoctoral Fellow at Emory University

Wai-Ho Lo
Research Associate, 2012

Ryan MacDonell
Summer Undergraduate Student, 2012

Nicolas Bousserez
Postdoctoral Fellow, 2008-2011
Currently Research Associate, University of Colorado at Boulder

Rosalind Dickinson
NSERC Summer Undergraduate Student, 2011

Andrew Neima
NSERC Summer Undergraduate Student, 2011

Felix Carrasco Galleguillos
Visiting Student, Jan-July 2010
Currently at University of Buenos Aires

Gray O’Bryne
Master’s Student, 2006-2009
Jr. Geodetic Engineer at Natural Resources Canada

Rong-Ming Hu
Research Associate, 2005-2006
Currently Research Fellow at Centre for Atmospheric and Instrumentation Research (CAIR), England

Lok Lamsal
Postdoctoral Fellow, 2006-2011
Currently Research Scientist at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Chulkyu Lee
Postdoctoral Fellow, 2007-2009
Currently Scientist at NIMR, Korea

Caroline Verduzco
NSERC Summer Undergraduate Student, 2009

Neil Moore
Master’s Student, 2004-2007
Currently Research Analyst, City of Summerside

Bastien Sauvage
Postdoctoral Fellow, 2005-2007
Currently Maître de conférences (professor) at Universite Toulouse, France

Thomas Walker
Master’s Student, 2005-2007
Currently Postdoctoral Fellow, NASA JPL

Siwen Wang
Visiting Student, Jan – May 2011
Currently PhD student at Tsinghua University

Aldona Wiacek
Research Associate 2008-2011
Assistant Professor of Engineering, Saint Mary’s University, Halifax

Bryan Van Wilgenburg
Undergraduate Honours Student, 2004