Land Surface Lambertian Equivalent Reflectivities (LER)

We use clear-sky data from the OMI satellite instrument to determine global surface reflectivity under both snow-covered and snow-free conditions. Clear-sky scenes are determined using cloud and aerosol data from the MODIS/Aqua satellite instrument that flies 12 minutes ahead of OMI/Aura. The result is a database of OMI-observed Lambertian equivalent reflectivity (LER) that does not rely on statistical methods to eliminate cloud and aerosol contamination.

O’Byrne, G., R.V. Martin, A. van Donkelaar, J. Joiner and E.A. Celarier, Surface reflectivity from OMI using MODIS to eliminate clouds: Effects of snow on UV-Vis trace gas retrievals, J. Geophys. Res., 115, D17305, doi:10.1029/2009JD013079. [Full Text (PDF)]

Available Datasets:
Monthly mean surface LER at 354 nm [.zip] [README]
Snow-covered surface LER [.txt] [README]