Synthetic CrIS NH3

Data related with Li et al., Assessing the iterative finite difference mass balance and 4D-Var methods to derive ammonia emissions over North America using synthetic observations, JGR, in revision .

1. EmiApr: A prioiri NH3 emissoins (link).
2. EmiBase: Base (assumed true) NH3 emissions (link).
3. Inversions: Inversion results (scale factors) from different inversion experiments (link).
4. SynCrIS: Pseudo CrIS observations for 2 weeks in April, July and October 2013. The NH3 profiles in these files are not perturbed, and are used to calculate the “ideal” observations (i.e. identical to the simulation), and the total column NH3 in these files are perturbed with errors as described in the manuscript (link).

Uncompressed data are also at here.

The mass balance inversion scale factor and error diagnostics results are ascii files, the CrIS synthetic observations are in netCDF4, and all the other emission and adjoint output files are GEOS-Chem binary punch files that needs the GAMAP module in IDL ( to access.

Please contact Chi Li ( for further instructions about these datasets.