Satellite Instruments

We use measurements from a variety of satellite instruments to understand processes affecting global atmospheric composition.  In many cases, this effort involves developing retrieval algorithms to infer atmospheric composition from observed spectra.  The major instruments that we use and current applications are listed below.

ACE-FTS: upper tropospheric ozone, lightning NOx emissions

CALIPSO: air quality, aerosol wet scavenging

GOME-2: NO2 retrievals

IASI: lightning NOx emissions

MAIA: composition of fine particulate matter (PM2.5)

MISR: air quality, aerosol wet scavenging

MODIS: air quality, aerosol wet scavenging, aerosol retrievals

OMI: NOx and SO2 emissions, air quality, nitrogen deposition, NO2 and SO2 retrievals

OSIRIS: upper tropospheric O3, lightning NOx, aerosol retrievals

PHEOS (PCW/PHEMOS): instrument design and planning

SCIAMACHY: NO2 and SO2 retrievals, NOx and SO2 emissions

TES: lightning NOx

Partnership with NASA, EP, NOAA, and Sonoma Tech for Near Real Time PM2.5 Estimates:

Top right image: CALIPSO; bottom right image: Odin-OSIRIS.