Atmospheric Science Seminars

Seminars for 2014-2015 Academic Year: Friday 2:30-3:30 in Dunn 101

June 8, 2015 (Monday)
Speaker: Yinon Rudich, Weizmann Institute of Science
Title: On the Health and Biogeochemical Effects of Fungal Spores and Marine Viruses

June 9, 2015 (Tuesday 11:30-12:30, LSC 242)
Speaker: Will Perrie, Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Title: All-weather remote sensing of ocean surface processes: waves, winds, oil, and ice with RADARSAT-2 synthetic aperture radar

Aug 13, 2015 (Thursday 10:00 Dunn 101)
Speaker: George Isaac, retried from Environment Canada’s Cloud Physics Group
Title: Fog on the Grand Banks

Aug 19, 2015 (Wednesday 10:00 Dunn 130)
Speaker: Paul Villeneuve, Carleton University
Title: Urban green spaces and health

Aug 24, 2015 (Monday 11:00 Dunn 101)
Speaker: Kees de Hoogh & Danielle Vienneau, Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute
Title: Air pollution and Health – an impression from the multicentre European ESCAPE study

Oct 30, 2015
Speaker: Alexei Lyapustin, NASA Goddard
Title: High Resolution MAIAC Aerosol Product and Air Quality Applications

Nov 6, 2015
Speaker: David Risk, Flux Lab in St. Francis Xavier University
Title: Mapping gas leaks from the Canadian energy sector

Nov 20, 2015
Speaker: Andreas Zuend, McGill University
Title: Exploring the role of phases and phase transitions in atmospheric aerosols

Dec 3, 2015 (Thursday Dunn 304)
Speaker: Arthur Chan, University of Toronto
Title: Understanding the sources, processes and properties of secondary organic aerosol (SOA)

June 10, 2016 (Friday Dunn 101)
Speaker: Peter Bernath, Old Dominion University
Title: The Atmospheric Chemistry Experiment (ACE): Mission Overview and Recent Results

Aug 31, 2016 (Wed 2:30)
Speaker: Dylan Jones, University of Toronto

Oct 12, 2016 (Wed 2:30)
Speaker: Robin Stevens, University of Leeds
Title: Model Intercomparison of Mixed-Phase Arctic Clouds during ASCOS

Nov 23, 2016
Speaker: Hal Ritchie, Environment and Climate Change Canada
Title: CONCEPTS Coupled Environmental Prediction Systems

Jan 11, 2017
Speaker: Will Perrie

Mar 17, 2017 (Friday Dunn 302, 2:30 PM)
Speaker: Jeroen Oomen, Ludwig Maximilian’s Universität and Harvard University
Title: Climate engineering: a last straw to clutch, a pandora’s box, or both?

April 12, 2017
Speaker: Mark Shephard
Title: New Satellite Observations of Ammonia

Oct 30, 2017 (Monday Dunn 101, 1:30 PM)
Speaker: Timothy Myers, Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, University of California, Los Angeles
Title: Importance of Positive Low Cloud Feedback For Variations in Climate

Nov 16, 2017 (Thursday Dunn 101, 2:30 PM)
Speaker: Hansi Singh, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, US DOE Office of Science
Title: Arctic-Antarctic Parity in High-latitude Climate Sensitivity: the Aerial Hydrologic Cycle, Ocean Dynamics, and Meridional Energy Transports

Jan 24, 2018 (Wednesday Dunn 304, 2:30 PM)
Speaker: Eric C. J. Oliver, Physical Oceanography, Department of Oceanography, Dalhousie University
Title: Madden-Julian Oscillation Predictability and Global Impacts over the Past 100 Years

Apr 3, 2018 (Tuesday Dunn 304, 2:30 PM)
Speaker: Jill Baumgartner, PhD, Assistant Professor, Institute for Health and Social Policy and Department of Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Occupational Health, McGill University
Title: Energy Interventions to Reduce Household Air Pollution in Developing Countries: Exposures, Health Impacts, and Implementation Challenges

Apr 24, 2018 (Tuesday Dunn 101, 2:30 PM)
Speaker: Kerri Pratt, Department of Chemistry, University of Michigan
Title: TBD

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